REVIEW: This is Crazy by Natasha Madison

Zara Stone 

All my life, I’ve said I will never date a hockey player. I know better because I’ve seen and lived it all. My father is a hockey god, my brother is the captain of the most successful NHL team in the world, and my brother-in-law also plays in the league. Their lives are complicated, so I went in the opposite direction. 
I fell in love with a scholar. But instead of proposing marriage, he broke up with me. 
Three months later, I saw his engagement picture on Instagram. I couldn’t let him get away with that. No, it didn’t matter what, I was going to make that man see that I did not need him. 

Evan Richards
I was in the running to pass my point record from last year, ready to claim the number one spot in the league. On top of my game, I was riding my career high wave. 
Then, Hockey’s Princess, Zara Stone tweeted me. She wanted me to crash her ex’s wedding. 
The worst that could happen? A PR nightmare. The best? A fun night with a beautiful woman. 
It started out as a game—something I’m good at. Her crazy idea twisted into something I wasn’t looking for, something neither of us wanted. 

When push comes to shove, one thing runs through my mind: 
This is Crazy. Also, this is crazy right.

Zara Stone (@ZaraStone): When your ex-boyfriend gets engaged, you ask his idol @EvanRichards to be your date to crash his wedding. What do you say? Wanna be my date? #myexhasapencildick


If you’ve read Natasha Madison’s Something So series you may recognize a few of these characters and this is an all new spin off series. If you haven’t read the previous series, no problem. You can still enjoy this one!

I absolutely LOVED this story. I was completely hooked from the very beginning. Zara Stone gets dumped by her boyfriend, only to find out 4 months later he is engaged to someone else. So what do you do? Tweet his idol to go on a date to crash his wedding.

Zara and Evan are fantastic. Everything about their relationship was great, from how they met, to their chemistry, their banter, just everything. They definitely had an insta love relationship and it was so perfect for them.

Zara and Evan were amazing, but so was every single secondary character in this story. They added so much to the story and to the relationship of Zara and Evan. I loved Zara’s twin sister Zoe and I love the bond she formed with Evan. Plus, Zara’s brother and brother-in-law! They are so protective of her and I loved they pulled the brother card when it came to Evan and her being together.

This book is sweet, funny and has plenty of steaminess. It is a perfect summer read.


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