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REVIEW : They’re Strictly Friends by Chloe Liese


Lucas Edwards is the consummate English gentleman…most of the time. He might get a bit tetchy when his office is a mess, and he’s rather particular about his ties, but otherwise he’s as affable as afternoon tea. That is until a grim diagnosis sets his future on a downward slope. And while Elodie Bertrand might be the only woman he wants—brilliant math-mind, decadent curves, a Parisian flair for butchering British idioms as well as turning Scrabble into a war of words—she’s the last person he’s willing to make a variable in his negative trajectory.

As far as Elodie can project, she and Lucas Edwards will forever exist torturously tangential. No matter that Lucas’ keen intellect, dry wit, his penchant for Shakespeare and innuendo equally infuriate and enamor her. Because, while he might be deliciously tall and dashing, not to mention the most chivalrous man she knows, Lucas has made it quite clear they must remain “strictly friends”. But when circumstances throw them together, Elodie quickly deduces Lucas isn’t putting her off out of disinterest. In fact, after plotting the points of their every intersection, only one solution remains: he actually feels quite the opposite…

I felt safe, and I realized how rare it was that I felt safe with anyone.

my review

Chloe Liese is a new to me author and I really enjoyed reading this book. If you’re looking for a friends to lovers rom com this is definitely one to check out. I’m adding the previous books to my TBR. That being said this is a spin off of a previous series, but can easily be read without prior knowledge of the other books.

I loved the chemistry between Elodie and Lucas. They are friends, but there is no denying the tension between them. Of course, they can only deny it for so long before they finally give in. I loved that these characters and even the secondary ones had true problems, not over exaggerated problems that only exist in books, but problems that can truly affect someone’s life.  

If you’re looking for a good friends to lovers rom com this is definitely one you’ll want to check out!

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