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REVIEW : The Red Ledger 8 by Meredith Wild

On the heels of the enemy….

They say Paris is for lovers. If only this trip across the ocean could be that simple. We should be wasting time in cafés and dreaming about our future—the one I’m determined to fight for, the one Isabel truly deserves. Instead, we’re here on the heels of the enemy.

Focused on a bigger prize, the secret society that’s been hunting us is now being hunted. They just don’t know it yet. We’re so close I can taste it. So close I can feel my grip tightening around them. Each day we know more. Every revelation unmasks a new player.

Thanks to old alliances, we’re that much closer to crippling their plans. Just when we’re closing in for the kill, we’re stopped dead in our tracks. And the only path forward will tear our worlds apart.

As the miles between Isabel and me grow, so does the ache of not knowing when I’ll see her again. All I know is that I will. When all of this is over, I’ll find her.


Tristan and Isabel’s story continues in Paris, though it isn’t all full of love and light. There is danger and death. They continue to dive deeper and deeper into the Company and uncovering more secrets along the way.

After the events in Paris, Tristan and Isabel decide it is time to return back home to Washington, DC. However, things don’t go smoothly when they arrive.

This story continues to amaze me. It is fully of such much suspense, twist and turns. You think the story is going to go one way, but it takes a completely different direction. Meredith Wild continues to captivate your attention throughout this series.

Tristan and Isabel’s relationship with each other has continued to grow as they dive deeper into their mission. I can’t wait to see where this story is going to go and if they will even truly uncover all the secrets of the Company.