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REVIEW : The Play Maker by L.M. Carr


Playing football ruled every decision Julian MacIntyre ever made, including leaving his high school sweetheart behind to follow his dream. Sidelined by an injury on the field, he’s now making a huge comeback to the NFL as the league’s youngest head coach.

He wants it all. The glory, the job and the girl he walked away from years ago.

As one of the top sports reporters, Addison Hamilton has made a name for herself in a male-dominated industry. Proven to be a hard-nosed journalist, she asks the tough questions, but when given the opportunity to interview the man who broke her heart, is she willing to cross the lines of professionalism to get the answers she needs?

“Addison” he calls after me. I look over my shoulder and find him staring at me, a smoldering look in his eyes. “I would let you go… if I could.”

my review

The Play Maker is the first book I’ve read from L.M. Carr and I’m a sucker for any sports romance so I had to read this one. I read this book in one sitting and enjoyed every single moment of the story.

Addison is a sports reporter and landed an interview for Houston’s new head coach, he just so happens to be the man that broke her heart years prior. Julian’s NFL career ended quickly due to an injury but he has the chance to come back as a head coach. When he see’s the woman whose heart he broke things change for him and he wants to make up for everything he lost. Will they get the second chance they deserve?

I liked Addison, she was a woman in a male dominated industry and kicked booty doing it. When it came to Julian I wanted her to make him fight for her more, to make him beg. She just kind of took him back pretty easily and I wanted a little more drama there, however, there was still no shortage of drama in this story. I wanted to hate Julian when he was first introduced, however, I found that difficult. He was sweet and caring and I couldn’t help but swoon.

The Play Maker is a great second chance sports romance full of steam, drama and plenty of hot football players. I can’t wait for the rest of this series.

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