REVIEW : The Obsession by Nikki Sloane

The Hale family is obsessed with status, power, and control. No problem is too big their money can’t solve.

Royce Hale manipulated me into giving him everything. My virginity. My hand in marriage. My heart. 

And as soon as he got what he wanted, he callously sold me off for a cool ten million.

In the boardroom and the twisted game his family plays, he says the only rule is to win at all costs. 

Yesterday I learned a painful lesson not to trust the prince of Cape Hill. Today I’ll destroy his carefully laid plans and show him just how badly he’s already lost. 

All the money in the world won’t be able to stop me.

I don’t need to wear the mask to become Medusa. I already felt like a monster.


You MUST READ The Initiation before reading The Obsession, with that being side we pick up right where we left Marist and Royce off.

I am literally obsessed with this series so far. I get completely sucked into the world that Nikki Sloane has created and the characters she has written. There is so much suspense, twists and turns, drama, and steamy. I LOVE the continued theme of Greek mythology and that more of it is worked in. It adds something different and unique to the story compared to other romance novels out there now.

I was dying to read this book after the ending of The Initiation. I HATED Royce for what he did, I mean, the man claimed to truly want Marist and then he does that?! But he is up to something and it is all part of his plan. However, he left Marist in the hands of his father.

The things Macalister does to Marist, the way he plays her, exudes his dominance on her frustrates me, but what frustrates me more is the fact of how easily she lets it happen and the one time Royce witnesses it, he leaves. Doesn’t step in but just leaves! I was so angry.

But despite a lot of my dislike towards Macalister and the dumb stuff that Marist tends to do and the lack of Royce really fighting for his girl so far I LOVED this story. I am completely sucked into the mystery of it all and the drama. I can’t wait to see where this goes and finally get answers to all the questions that have been unanswered.


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