REVIEW : The Harder You Fall by L.A. Cotton


Mya Hernandez has scars.

The kind that run deep and leave marks.
Rixon is only supposed to be a temporary place to hide, but it’s quickly becoming something more.
She’s almost certain it has nothing to do with the blond-haired, blue-eyed football player who makes her laugh. Who makes her believe in fairy tales again.
Even if she knows her life is destined to be nothing more than a tragedy.

Asher Bennet has secrets.

Not the scandalous kind, but the ones that fester, slowly eating away at your soul.
On the face of it, he’s Mr Popular, always down for a party and causing a little mayhem.
But on the inside, he just wants someone to see him. Really see him. Too bad the one girl who sees past his facade has already friend-zoned him.
It’s probably for the best though.

She’s different.
A fighter.
She’s everything he wants but can never have.

Until Mya’s past and Asher’s present collide in ways neither of them saw coming.

And suddenly the thing you need most is the very thing you’re supposed to hate.

Sometimes people experienced bad things and it left marks. Scars invisible from the outside but so real on the inside that you never forgot. You just learned how to deal. How to get up each day, paste on a smile, and survive.

my review

Asher and Mya completely stole my heart. I have been dying for Asher’s story since the moment he was introduced, there was just something so loveable about him, but there was also something about him that was a mystery. The Harder You Fall was completely worth the wait.

Mya is new to Rixon, she is a minority in the football loving town, she always felt that she was an outcast and didn’t belong. Asher is a football star, comes from a well-off family and could everything in his life. These two are complete opposites of each other, but they are exactly what each other needs.

There is so much chemistry between Mya and Asher. They try to fight it, well mostly Mya, but when they finally give in things are EXPLOSIVE. Asher is a sweetheart and will have you swooning! Mya may seem like a tough girl on the outside but there is much more to her. She is loveable and you can see why the girls and Asher are Team Mya.

This story SHATTERED my heart. I wasn’t expecting to get so emotional over this story but it took a turn and I was a complete wreck until the very end. I couldn’t put this one down, once I started nothing else was getting down. I was completely sucked into the Mya and Asher’s world.

Whether you have read the previous books or not, The Harder You Fall is a MUST READ and my favorite of the entire series. I am sad to say goodbye to all these characters that I have grown to love.

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