REVIEW : The Fire Within: Conquered by Love Anthology


Dark. Deep. Raw. Honest.

Journey with us as we tell you stories of heartbreak, loss, desolation, tragedy, pain and love that will break your heart and weave it back together again. These seven authors bleed through the pages of this anthology put together for suicide awareness, telling you tales of ruin turned into rose petals, darkness turned to light, and life after facing death.

Life is precious. Nothin’ in the world is worth more than that. Nothin’ in this world should give you a reason to take it away. Nothin’. No matter what battle you’re facin’, there is always somethin’ that will fight with you. Someone that’ll fight with you.

my review

First off, I love that proceeds from this book are going to a good cause. Secondly, each and every one of the stories in this book completely touched me, broke my heart and had me in tears. Definitely not one to read out in public, people will give you weird looks. Trust me on that.

I have read previous books from two of the authors involved and the rest are all new to more and I was hooked on every single story. Each one was so different, but all packed the same emotion and hope. These were all prequels to upcoming full length novels and I can not wait to read more of all of them!

Despite the loss and pain experienced in all these stories, they all show you that there is hope, your life is worth it and that friends and family are there for you, they will be support you and love you and help you through the hard times.

A collection of emotional must reads. Support these amazing indie authors and a great cause.

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