REVIEW : The Billionaire’s Forbidden Little Sister by Max Monroe


Theo Cruz, a New York man known for his family’s billion-dollar empire, Cruz Enterprises, has been indicted this afternoon in the Court of Public Opinion on charges of Bro-Code Conspiracy.

Chief counsel for the prosecution, Caplin Hawkins, spoke candidly about the accusation.

“Once thought of as a best friend to many—including myself—Theo Cruz has officially turned his back on human decency. He’s conniving and dishonest, and a habitual offender of Bro-Code Law 676. He’ll rue the day he forgot that you never—under any circumstances—get involved with your best friend’s little sister.”

Fact: I haven’t actually been arrested or indicted.
More important fact: I inadvertently messed up—big-time.

Two strangers in a foreign country, we said hello.
Hello turned into a kiss.
A kiss turned into a rendezvous.
And a rendezvous turned into more than I’d ever imagined.

But her unruly golden curls and beautiful body hid an important detail—She’s my mouthiest billionaire best friend’s forbidden little sister.

Fact: I knew not of my crimes.
More important fact: I know now, but even though I know I’m playing with fire, there’s no way I’m stopping. I can’t leave her alone.

Question: What do you do when you fall for your best friend’s little sister?
More important question: How long can you keep it a secret before it all goes up in flames? 

Theo is a goddamn master in the business of pleasure.

my review

Just like Brogan The Billionaire’s Forbidden Little Sister is a gem of nuttiness. Seriously, this book was pure gold. I was dying of laughter from the first chapter to the end, but there was also plenty of steam and swoon worthy scenes mixed in.

I LOVED Lena and in case you don’t remember, she is Cap’s baby sister. I loved their relationship, it was hilarious and full of sibling love only they can share. Lena is trying to be decisive. She went to Milan to study fashion and scored a great internship back home in New York. After exams her and her fashion school friends head to the Amalfi coast for a little celebration, which also lends to the end of Lena’s man ban. Theo is all business and no plan and his friends know that. So he decides to play a little when he runs into Lena. It was only supposed to be seven days, but fate had other plans…

The chemistry between Lena and Theo was perfection. I loved everything about the two of them together. It felt effortless between them and natural. None of their interactions felt forced. Theo was extremely supportive of her dreams and wanted nothing but the best and happiness for her the entire time.

Of course, there is plenty of everyone’s favorite Billionaire Book Club mixed in that will have you dying of laughter. Plus, Lena’s friend Pippa. THAT GIRL NEEDS A BOOK! She was hilarious and I couldn’t help but love her!

This book was hilarious, swoon worthy, steamy and full of forbidden bits. A MUST READ and probably one of my favorites from Max Monroe!

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