REVIEW : Talk Dirty, Cowboy by Elle Thorpe


Eight seconds to glory. One second to lose it all.

Bowen Barclay lived to ride bulls – until his single-minded focus cost his wife her life. Four years on, raising his son alone is the only thing he’s getting right. His rodeo career is going down in flames and instead of dating, he’s playing his kid’s video games.

Paisley Ackerly loves to sing. Loudly and offkey, but in the privacy of her rundown home, it’s only her children she’s torturing. Until her ten-year-old leaves his gaming console on, with a handsome cowboy still on the webcam, listening to every word.

Being accused of internet creepery isn’t the best way to meet a woman, but when an instant spark ignites between the two, it isn’t long before online chat spills over into real life dirty talk.

But while Paisley might love Bowen’s filthy mouth, when the pressures of his public career and her secret past explode, words won’t be enough to save them.

There are two things I learned that night. Bowen Barclay could ride a bull with the best of them. And his kiss alone had the potential to make me fall in love with him.


Single parents and a cowboy?!? You can’t go wrong with that and Elle Thorpe exceeding all expectations.

Bowen is a man on a mission for personal reasons. He wants that championship belt, even if it means spending time away from home and away from his son. Paisley is a woman who is just working her hardest to provide for her kids, especially with the lack of help from the children’s father. Bowen and Paisley’s lives couldn’t be more different from each other, however, their lives come together in a rather unexpected way.

I LOVED how Bowen and Paisley met. It was different, cute and fun. It was not how I was expecting these two characters to meet and that’s part of why I love it so much. From their first “meeting” things progress pretty quick for these two. They are drawn to each other, there is a connection that they both need to explore.

Talk Dirty, Cowboy was addicting from the first page to the very last. But that ending!?!?! SERIOUSLY! My kindle almost ended up across the room. I am DYING for book 2 in this series ASAP!

If single parents and sexy cowboys are your jam this a must read for you!

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