“I won’t let any man get between me and my dreams. Not even a drool-worthy one like Clay.”

When I meet Clay Dale, he just makes me so mad. Telling me what to do. Making me stay at his place just because he accidentally hit me with his truck. Who does that? 

His dominance does strange things to my body, and when he brings out the rope… all I want him to do is take me, hard. But I can’t betray my dreams of making it in Hollywood. I’m so torn, I’m almost at breaking point, and not just because I got pounded by his enormous… truck.

Take Me Hard is the third book in the bestselling Arizona Heat series, which features stacked cowboys, steam, a little discipline and a whole lot of action. If you like mild drama and detailed naughty scenes, this novella is for you. 

“I’m going to give you a ride all the way to my ranch, then I’m giving you a damn good spanking, for lying to me and for putting your life in danger like that. You don’t like my terms? Get your invisible friend to collect you from the side of the highway.”


We’ve met Lawson, we’ve met Barrett, now it is time for Clay!

Kinsley and Clay literally ran into each other, well Clay mostly ran into Kinsley. After noticing her there was an instant attraction. Clay felt something about this girl and he knew he needed to take her back to Lemon Tree Ranch. These two are in for more than they bargained for.

Clay and Kinsley’s story is definitely the steamiest out of the series so far. Clay, oh that man is hot enough he will melt you kindle and the things he does….yep, you’re going to want to fan yourself. The man is on a whole different level!

Of course, despite all the steaminess there is some emotional bits to the story. Kinsley’s history and things have happen in the present are heart breaking. Clay, knowing she is young and that she has her whole life ahead of her and he is willing to let her go to experience life to the fullest, but it is easier said than done and he struggles with letting her go.

I love that we got more of the previous couples and how they all accepted Kinsley (well, Harper took a little bit longer than the rest).

This story is one steamy and emotional quick read and a must read if you love some sexy alphas because there is not shortage of alpha males in this series and this book! I can’t wait to see what is in store for Jake, that man is a mystery.

“Maybe it shouldn’t be called Lemon Tree Ranch, but Dom Ranch.”


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