REVIEW : Sweet Talk by Ashley Hastings

Casey is all work and no play. Since the death of the man who raised her, she’s thrown herself into establishing her new bakery and doesn’t have time to waste on playful pursuits. She’s all business.

Cade doesn’t do relationships. As an attorney, he’s tasked with helping Casey fulfill her uncle’s dying request. Too bad all he wants to do is sample her sweet treats.

What happens when the guy with the guarded heart falls for the girl he can’t have?

Now we were dancing cheek to cheek, soaking wet, and wrapped up in each other. I could hear his slow, deep breathing, and I enjoyed the feel of his hard body next to mine. If only this dance could last forever.


Peacock has become one of my favorite towns with some of my favorite people. If you’ve read any of Ashley’s previous books, you’ve met the town baker Casey. I’ve been waiting for her story and this one did not disappoint and left me with a book hangover and craving sweets.

Casey runs the bakery, which also used to be her Uncle Bob’s Bait and Tackle Shop. Cade is a new young lawyer in town and has been tasked with the job of bring Casey letters from her Uncle Bob. Casey is just recently out of a relationship and really doesn’t have much experience with relationships in general. Cade doesn’t do relationships, he doesn’t do love, he is more of a one night stand type of guy. Will he be able to change his ways for Casey? Will Casey be able to let anyone into her heart again?

The true hero of this book is Uncle Bob. His letters and his love for Casey are EVERYTHING! He plays such a major roll in this story and really if it weren’t for Uncle Bob it would have been completely different. I loved every time Casey got to read one of his letters, I may have teared up at every single one of them as well.

This story is sweet (in more than one way), it was steamy and of course has a little bit of drama. I was completely hooked from Casey and Cade’s very first run in and didn’t want the story to end. Grab a brownie, a glass of milk, some tissues and take a trip to Peacock.


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