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REVIEW : Strung by Victoria Ashley


Micah Beck is tempting, talented and addictive to the last drop.

Not to mention, he’s completely confident in all that he does. Especially with those fingers and I can’t deny that it’s such a turn on.

Micah is the last thing I expect to find wandering around my brother’s beach house, naked, only wearing an acoustic guitar, but he’s the first thing that has ever had me craving for just one ‘anything goes’ night.

My plan was to come visit my brother for the summer and hopefully find a little inspiration for my book at my brother’s bar on the beach.

A little inspiration is more than what I get slapped with.

Talk about wanting to make love to a voice. I never knew exactly what that meant until I heard Micah playing at Vortex, but now just the thought of anything that has to do with that man’s tongue, leaves my whole body vibrating with a hunger I’m not sure I can fight.

Just one taste. One night. No strings.

I’m a liar if I said I thought that would be possible because if I thought his guitar playing abilities were hot, seeing him in charge, demanding orders at Vortex has me completely coming undone and about ready to fall at his feet and give him anything he desires, despite the fact that my brother warned us to stay away from each other.

He’s a master at getting whatever he wants with little or no effort at all and I can’t help but to hope he wants me.

Micah is cocky with a body that screams trouble with every rock-hard muscle.

He’s wrong in every way and…

I’m completely strung.

“I never expected to fall in love with the naked guy running around my brother’s beach house. But I did.”

my review

I love a good brother’s best friend romance and Strung was AMAZING from the very start. Tegan and Micah were amazing characters that captivated your attention from the start and took you on a wild ride.

Tegan heads to California to visit her older brother, what she doesn’t expect is another man being in his home, naked, with another woman. Micah is a musician, a bar owner, and a player. From the moment Tegan and Micah met there was a connection and there was so much tension.

I LOVED the banter between the two of them. Then how the banter became a friendship, then eventually something more. Tegan and Micah have both been warned numerous times by Tegan’s brother, Alexander, to stay away from each other. However, the heart wants what the heart wants and theirs are drawn to each other.

The secondary characters in this story were also fantastic. I loved Sebastian and the brotherly relationship that him and Micah had. Alexander played a major part in this story and I loved every single moment of him, then there is Tegan’s friend Jamie. I loved her and there is definitely something there between her an Alexander!

Strung was steamy, sweet, full of witty banter and ups and downs when it comes to relationships. I loved every single moment of this story.

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