Stay with me.
Three simple words.
One impossible request.

I’ve loved Allie McCallister for as long as I can remember. Her happiness and well-being mean more to me than anything else, which is why when the opportunity of a lifetime presented itself, I had to take it. Three months was such a short amount of time to be apart to provide the financial stability we needed to start our lives. 

It wasn’t supposed to catapult my band to stardom, and it sure as hell wasn’t supposed to set off the chain of events that pushed my relationship with Allie to the brink. Our hearts were shattered, our love tested, and when everything fell apart she begged me to leave. 

Eight years ago, tragedy broke us. Now we’re back in the same little town where we once dreamed of building our future.

She’s a divorced, single mom.
I’m a damaged country music star.
There are a hundred reasons for us to stay apart.

But all it takes is one look, one touch, one kiss to know our story isn’t over. Now I have to convince her to let me stay.

Two bodies, two hearts, raw and vulnerable as they reunite and become one.


This book is a beautiful and heartbreaking second chance romance. It is packed full of emotions and will punch you right in the gut.

Jackson and Allie fell in love as children and once tragedy struck their relationship changed forever, or so they thought. Eight years later, Jackson has returned home and Allie is nearly divorced. So what happens when these two reconnect?

Jackson is sweet, he is kind, and he has experienced so much loss in his life. He was pushed away by the one girl he loves more than anything, he experienced fame and fortune. But once again, tragedy struck his life and he realized it’s not what he wants in his life. He heads back to Bear Creek to start a life away for the fame. Allie is a single mother and after her divorce moved back to Bear Creek. She has taken over the inn her mother owns. When she finds out that Jackson has returned home and when they run into each other they both realize that there is still something between the two of them.

This story grabbed ahold of my emotions right from the start. Jackson and Allie’s past will break your heart, but their future will put it back together again. It is a beautifully written story and everything you could ever want in a second change romance. This story deserves more than 5 stars and is one that I would highly recommend to anyone.


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