REVIEW : Slay: Ruin by Laurelin Paige


With her heart literally in his hands, Celia will have to try and bargain with a devil.

Edward Fasbender is my captor.

Trapped on this island he owns everything on–including, it seems, me.

He told me he would break me, but I thought he meant in the bedroom. It turns out Edward is playing a completely different game.

And he won’t stop until he’s ruined me.

Edward Fasbender fascinated me and captivated me and it certainly wasn’t because he was an angel.

my review

This book RUINED me. I DEVOURED this book and was left craving more!

I didn’t think it was possible to like or even love Celia. My heart broke for her. There is so much more to her story than I could have ever guessed. She is a fighter and a survivor. Edward may be the devil, but he’s a devil you can’t help but love. He is an alpha male, but there is a nurturing side to him and we got to see more of that side throughout this story. Though there were times were I hated him right along with Celia (especially during a certain trip but he made up for it.

Edward had a plan going into their marriage, however, his plans changed and throughout this book they continued to change. There was something about Celia that drew him in, that captivated him. She was felt the same when it came to Edward, she wants to be afraid of him, she wants to hate him, but there’s something in her that draws her to him. These two have CHEMISTRY that is kindle melting HOT. Talk about steam.

Edward is determined to break Celia. He demands honesty, but Celia isn’t one to share her games and her past with anyone for fear of judgement. Can Edward slowly break down those walls? Will he ruin Celia?

Slay: Ruin is captivating, addicting and full of twists and turns you’ll not expect. I can’t wait to see how Edward and Celia’s story continues.

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