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One glance, and it came rushing back.

After a devastating break up, Amelia moves in with her aunt and uncle. Focusing on getting back on her feet, and forgetting the guy who broke her heart, the last thing on her mind is finding love… until she runs into a childhood friend.

Randall’s given up on finding “the one”.
Given up on living a life that doesn’t include being stuck in Asheville and dealing with an alcoholic father. It’s nothing he wants, but it’s all he’s got until the girl he used to play hide and seek with as a child serves a wake-up call and shows him everything he thought he could live without.

Can two lost souls find love or will demons from their past hold them back? 

Chin up buttercup. leave the assholes behind and live the life you want to live.


If you’ve read Welcome to Your Life, Ways to Go, of From This Moment you’ve already been introduced to Amelia and Randall.  Amelia is Tonya’s cousin and Randall is one of Jake’s friends. Though, if you haven’t read any of the other books in the series you can still enjoy Shoot Down the Stars and not be confused.

Amelia needed to escape her hometown after experiencing heartbreak and ridicule from people she thought were her friends, so moving in with her aunt and uncle is the perfect escape. She can spend time with her family and not have to avoid everyone. She wasn’t looking for anything, but sometimes things don’t always work out how you want.

Randall has had is heartbroken but his own mother. She walked out on him and his father as a child and left Randall to drop out of college and be the parent to his alcoholic father. This isn’t the life he imagined for himself, but when he see’s a girl he used to spend time with as a child things might be changing for him.

I LOVED Amelia and Randall. They were two broken people who help one another heal. While all their friends were pairing off they were always the third wheels, so why not form a friendship, of course that friendship quickly grew into so much more. They had instant chemistry with one another and truly were perfect.

My heart broke for Randall and everything he had to deal with when it came to his father and how he acted by him at times. I also felt for Amelia when it came to how she was treated by her “ex” and her “friends” back home and the reasons for leaving.  Both of them struggled when it came to their relationship with each other, but they had to learn to trust and learn that they  can’t let what happened in the pasts affect their future together.

Whether you’ve read any of the other books in the series or not this one is a MUST READ. It is beautifully written and such a sweet love story.