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REVIEW: Seducing the Billionaire's Daughter by Marquita Valentine

Despite the prestige of his last name, Sawyer Taggart clawed his way to the top. As the illegitimate son the Taggarts can no longer ignore, he wants what’s rightfully his–control of the security firm that’s worth billions. But first, he has to take out the competition.

London Montgomery refuses to use her last name to get ahead. As the only girl in the trio of billionaire Montgomery siblings, she’s a prime target for fortune hunters. To keep herself safe and please her family, she stays on the straight and narrow… until she meets Sawyer Taggart. No matter how many roadblocks she throws in his way, the darkly seductive businessman continues to ruthlessly pursue her.

Now London has to decide if she’ll risk it all to be with Sawyer, or choose a man her family approves of…

London Montgomery needed a hero right about now and not because she thought of herself as one of those damsels in distress types either.


London and Sawyer are like Romeo and Juliet and this is mentioned numerous times throughout the story.

Sawyer and London’s fathers used to be best friends, now they are enemies. They should be together, however, they are drawn to each other. They can’t stop thinking about each other. Sawyer knows what he wants and he wants London and will do anything he can to prove to her that he is the right man for her. He is sweet and caring and always watching out for her. London is funny, she is hard working, but she is also afraid to take the plunge when it comes to Sawyer, given who his father is.

I loved their chemistry and their story. There were a few laughs when it came to the Montgomery family, as well. This is a fun, quick, romance. It can be read as a standalone, but the Montgomery brothers stories are also fantastic.