REVIEW : Saddler’s Start by Nicole Rodrigues


Valentina Saddler

The wild to my tame the chaos to my calm. She’s been my best friends little sister for longer than I can remember until one day she wasn’t. One day, she turned into a beautiful, breathtaking young woman and I had to make her mine.

Our love was all consuming. Taking us all over the states and even across the pond for a year before I enlisted in the Air Force. We promised each other forever. Taking vows and making her my wife was the easiest decision I’ve ever made. We were on our way to a happily ever after, but that’s the thing about those. They only exist in movies. This isn’t a movie, this is our life.

This is our beginning and our end.

Declan O’Sullivan

Romantic, handsome and beyond caring, Declan O’Sullivan stole my heart and I didn’t have a chance. I spent every waking moment wrapped in his arms, living life together in a dream. Only our life didn’t stay that way, it became a nightmare.

We were too young to face these obstacles, too vulnerable, too inexperienced in life. We naively thought love would be enough, but it wasn’t.

This is our start and our demise.

“If only your brain was as useful, as your face is handsome, Declan Dean O’Sullivan. I want you to be my boyfriend. How about we really give these people something to talk about?”

my review

This book. I felt like an emotional wreck after reading it. I loved getting the background of Valentina an Declan’s relationship, the good, the bad, the steamy and the ugly. Seriously, I am DYING for more of them after finishing this one up.

This is a pretty quick read and Nicole really packs a lot in there. Val and Dec had a whirlwind romance that took them all over the world. They met at a young age and everything moved at a fast past. It was love at first sight for them both, they knew what they wanted and didn’t care what anyone else had to say about it. It was them against the world.

I would HIGHLY recommend reading this one before reading Saddler’s Sacrifice which is coming out next month. Though, I haven’t read Saddler’s Sacrifice yet, I have a feeling this one provides a lot of much needed information about their past and their relationship with each other.

Get ready to travel the world with this steamy, emotional rollercoaster!

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