REVIEW : Saddler’s Sacrifice by Nicole Rodrigues


Declan O’ Sullivan.

He came like a tornado into our lives, swept me up in his strong winds and then spit me out, leaving me broken. So beyond broken. Our love was forever, or at least that’s what I thought when he was deployed with the air force, leaving me behind with his ring on my finger. I never imagined the domino effect heartbreak it would cause instead. I thought we could overcome anything, but we couldn’t. I had to make the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make in my life, knowing it would haunt me, forever.

Valentina Saddler.

My soft, warm bed at the end of a stressful day. My sunshine in this dark, dark world. She destroyed me, annihilated my heart and I hate her for abandoning our love like it meant nothing. Getting an invitation to her older brothers wedding, might be the way to finally face her. Get closure and answers before I can finally move on with my sorry excuse for a life.

Although it’s been twelve years a love like ours never dies. Secrets are revealed, layers are shed and the flame we thought was extinguished gets a dousing of gasoline, burning hotter than it ever has before. Can we glue the pieces of our love back together? We may not have a choice. 

Love is the greatest adventure of all. Adventure with me, wild one.

my review

THIS BOOK. It broke me. 5% into the story and I was already crying my eyes out and that pretty much continued through the entire story. So grab your tissues because I promise you will need them!

Valentina and Declan’s story began in Saddler’s Start. They were a young love, a world wind romance that spanned continents. It wasn’t always easy and eventually it just completely broke. Valentina was broken, but she was also a fighter. You can’t help but root for her. Declan, swoon alert! However, he hates the girl he used to love more than anything, so it was surprising when he accepted an invitation to her brother’s wedding.

There is no denying that Val and Dec had AMAZINGLY awesome chemistry! Seriously, these two can make your kindle melt. Their story is heartbreaking, it is emotional and it is truly beautiful. However, their story is so much more than just their relationship.

Saddler’s Sacrifice will shatter your heart into a million little pieces, but it will slowly glue all those pieces back together and leave your heart so full of emotions.  A MUST READ!

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