REVIEW : Saddler at Stake by Nicole Rodrigues


Rafael Silva

The Spanish God that I just spilled my coffee all over in the elevator, strides into the room, knowing every woman in this office is picturing him as her lunch, I know I am. Until he winks at me with that arrogant smirk and I steel myself. The memory of that smirk all summer my senior year, spending every waking moment with my father’s exchange student intern hits me. Mother f–

Competing against the asshole that ten years ago, taught me things that would make a stripper blush? Done. Pretending that him high tailing it out of here, never to be heard from again didn’t break me? Doable. Avoiding the desire to lick him from head to toe? Working on it. Doing it without falling into his bed? Not so much.

Rochelle Saddler

My bosses daughter that stole my heart on my trip to the United States when I was younger, grew into a siren. When she dropped to her knees in the elevator, furiously rubbing the coffee off my pants, I almost lost my self control. Working alongside her again, competing against her is what I’ve waited for all these years. I may have left the first time princesa, but this time I’m staying…for good. 

“A girl that used to love so hard, it made a believer out of a boy that had absolutely nothing left to believe in.”

my review

SPICY. FIRE. HOT. PICANTE. ZESTY. Those are just some of the words that would describe the relationship and the chemistry between Rochelle and Rafael.

I love Rochelle. She is strong, hardworking and SASSY! Girl can hold her own when it comes to all the men she is around. Rafael, well what isn’t there to love about a smooth-talking Spanish man? The chemistry between these two, well you better just grab a fan to cool yourself off, because it is scorching hot. Plus, the banter. Oh how I loved it. The sassy side of Rochelle came out full force so many times when it came to Rafa and I LOVED every single moment of it!

Besides being super spicy, this story was also heartbreaking (at least to me), learning the reason behind why Rafa left all those years ago and the pain and heartbreak Rochelle followed after. I just wanted to reach out and hug them both.

I LOVE the Saddler’s the more and more we get to know them throughout this series and I CANNOT wait to see what is in store next for this family.

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