REVIEW : Revenge by Meredith Wild

No one else can stop them…

I’ve never loved Tristan more. I’ve never trusted him less. Is it murder in his eyes or just jealousy when he insists we’ll find answers in Boston, headquarters of one of our greatest enemies and home to the man I left back in Rio?

I haven’t forgotten Kolt’s betrayal nor the blood that’s already been spilled between our families. Inviting him back into my life with the promise of settling our unfinished business is a dangerous gamble that could end in more bloodshed.

But as his family’s twisted plan starts to unfold, nothing can prepare me for the horror of what will happen if I do nothing. More people will die, and every death will serve a dark purpose. Tristan and I may be an army of two, but one thing is certain—if we can’t save them, no one will. 

My family is fractured. My future with Tristan is uncertain. My freedom is in question. My entire life has become a sea of broken glass.


Revenge is the end of Tristan and Isabel’s story and I was not ready to say goodbye to these characters and their story. I fell in love with this from the very first word of part one and was completely addicted. The conclusion to their story was 100% worth the wait.

Revenge is full of action, suspense, love, and full of so many answers we have been waiting for since the very beginning. There were twists and turns until the very end and ones you didn’t see coming. The chemistry between Tristan and Isabel continued to grow throughout Revenge, their relationship continued to strengthen despite everything that was going on around them.

The growth of Tristan throughout this story was tremendous. Looking back at the Tristan we first met in part one to the Tristan we got in Revenge were so different, but deep down he was still the same Tristan we’ve come to love. Isabel also changed throughout this series. She was a survivor, a fighter and was willing to fight for her life and her love for Tristan.

The ENTIRE Red Ledger series is a MUST READ and I can’t recommend this enough! Meredith Wild created an addicting series and characters you can’t help but love. I can’t wait to see what is in store for the future.


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