REVIEW : Reckless Hate by Thandiwe Mpofu

Westbrook had four boys that ruled my life once. 

They were hell raisers. 
Cunning Athletes 
Skilled Manipulators 
Hateful Assholes 
Gorgeous gods 
Heartbreakers. . . 

Only I never counted on them breaking my heart as savagely as they did, sending me away when I needed them the most. Making me spiral into a vicious abyss of darkness where I’m haunted by a pair of frosty blue eyes filled with hate. 

But now I’m back and this time around, for a reason that makes breathing almost completely impossible. 

But if they think I won’t get revenge for my brother—one of the Blue Boys—then they have another kind of hell to face. 

Because I’m no longer their little Blue girl from four years ago. . 

He was the very epitome of danger, if danger had a sharp, chiseled face like a god with blue eyes, and lips so kissable, I feel like I might just die if I don’t kiss them.


Thandiwe Mpofu is a new to me author, but after reading this blurb (which I rarely do) I was intrigued and I wanted to know more, I wanted to discover these characters.

Astraea and Alex (Ace) have any interesting relationship. He bully’s her in public, but in private there is something else there. That is until one night everything changes and Astraea leaves without a single word. The chemistry between Astraea and Alex is sizzling, their love/hate relationship is addicting. Their history completely sucks you in. It leaves you wanting more of them. It’s not just Astraea and Alex, but the rest of the blue boys (Noah and Emmett) and Kim. Every single character is fantastic. I’m totally loving Noah, even though he is just a secondary character.  He is a cocky one, a heartbreaker, but also caring and sweet. They add to the story. They all of a connection of some sort, they are all addicting.

This book is a YA, dark, bully romance with plenty of drama, mystery, suspense and some steaminess. Compared to other books in this genre this one is different. There is so much depth to the story and to the characters. It is full of twists and turns as answers are discovered and more questions come up.

I CANNOT wait for the next book in these series, especially after the crazy ending of this one. I need more of Astraea, Alex, Noah and Emmett in my life!


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