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REVIEW: Recall by Meredith Wild

There’s no turning back…

The second I spared Isabel’s life, everything changed. I used to deal in death wishes. Now the instinct to protect her charts the course. Because every time I turn away from her, something turns me back. She’s uncovered a side of me that I can no longer ignore. Doesn’t change the fact that she doesn’t belong in my world. 

Isabel’s learning to hold her own, but nothing can prepare her for the life I’m being called back into. With a long road ahead of us, I won’t make promises I can’t keep. She can barely accept the dark deeds of my past—a bloody history spelled out in a ledger she’s more preoccupied with than I’d like. When an old associate sets a dangerous plan in motion, I can’t hide who I really am. And there’s no turning back…

Something darkens her gaze, something a little wise and a little sad. I want to know what it is. I want to know her truth, but if I have any chance of that, I have to go deeper.



I am COMPLETELY HOOKED on this series. I never know what is going to happen next, when I think the story is going one way it goes the opposite. The suspense and the drama keep me on the edge of my seat and coming back for more. Tristan is finally coming to terms with his feelings when it comes to Isabel.

In the fourth part of Tristan and Isabel’s story they are in New York and continuing to dig deeper and deeper into the world of The Company and Halo and all the mysterious surrounding them. There was more of Jay when it came to this part, though I am still not a fan of her.

The chemistry between Tristan and Isabel is still sizzling and continuing to get hotter the closer they become and the more they continue to fight for their lives. Part 4 continues to go deeper into the overall plot and continues to bring more danger.

Like the previous parts in the story this one leaves you with your jaw on the floor and wanting to dive right into the next part.


Each part is gets better and better and I fall more in love with this story. The twists and turns are EPIC!

Back in New Orleans and facing more danger, Tristan and Isabel continue to fight for their lives and trying to find an end to this all. We continue to dive deeper and deeper in The Company and Halo with this part and learn more about who is involved with everything.

Despite all the drama and suspense, we also see Tristan starting to remember more and more of his past with Isabel. It really starts to change the tone of their relationship and their love for one another continues to grow stronger.

The endings KILL ME and never fail to leave me craving more of Tristan and Isabel.  


In Part 6, Tristan and Isabel find themselves in Miami. This time they have a little help from an old friend. Of course, can they really trust to bring in another person to help with their plan? In the world of Tristan and Isabel nothing ever goes according to plan. It just adds to all the twists and turns of their story.

So much happened in Part 6 and led to even more questions about who is behind everything and how deep The Company truly goes. I felt that their relationship continued to grow and I felt that we also got a little more romance between these two, but there is still plenty of steam and passion.

I am so glad this wasn’t the end to their story and that we will be getting more of Tristan and Isabel because I feel like there is so much more to their story and truly, I’m just not ready for this to end. The entire series has been completely addicting from the very first page of Part 1.

I am looking forward to see what is in store in the next installment.