REVIEW : Race You by Jolie Vines

Emma is fighting for her dream job … she has no idea she could win her dream man.

In a competition for the position of a lifetime, Emma knows she can’t beat her office enemy on skill alone. After Arnie sabotaged her first day, the boss has avoided her like the plague. Everyone loves Arnie, even though he’s the most annoying, lazy, hot, jerk she’s ever had the misfortune to work with. And dream about. 

Arnie thinks only one thing when he looks at Emma—more. But with his self-imposed exile in London almost complete, he should be packing to return to the family business in Italy. His days working alongside his secret crush are numbered.

Forced to collaborate, Emma resists the chemistry between her and Arnie. If she gets too close, she may as well hand him the promotion, yet turning her back on the boss’s favourite will destroy her chances. And leave her unemployed.

Only one of them wants to win. Both are risking more than their careers.

Of all the ways I’d imagined kissing Emma Worthington, none of them had been like this.


This was such a fun enemies-to-loves office romance! I loved Emma and Arnie’s relationship and how it progressed throughout the story.

This is my first read from Jolie Vines and I hope that she continues to write more of this style of book because she absolutely killed it.

This story completely hooked me from the very beginning, I mean it all started with a sex dream. Emma claims to hate Arnie but she can’t help but think about him. I loved the banter between Emma and Arnie. The chemistry between the two of them was fantastic. Arnie wins for the best date imaginable though! It was perfect and just perfect.

This is such fun read so for anyone who loves office romances, enemies to lovers or both I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this one to you!


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