REVIEW : Promise Me Nothing by Jillian Liota

Wyatt Calloway isn’t a good idea. 

I didn’t pick up my life and move to this urban beach city to spend my days swooning over a rich bad boy who rides a motorcycle and seems to always get his way with just a flash of that smile.

I’m here to get to know the brother I’ve never met. Try and create a family when I’ve gone so long without one. Maybe find a place where I belong.

But I can’t seem to get him off my mind.

Hannah Morrison isn’t a good idea. 

I’m back in town just for the summer, and my priorities are to spend time with my little sister, check in with my family, and make sure things aren’t really as bad as they seem.

But somehow, the new girl becomes my focus. She’s got a ton of baggage, and she doesn’t understand why she’s really here. But I’ll do anything to make her feel like she belongs.

Even give her promises I’m not sure I can keep.

Welcome to Hermosa Beach

“You want wise words? Here they are. You will never know what might happen if you don’t give everything you have to convincing her that you love her, and that you’re worth forgiving. And I mean everything.”


Hannah was alone, she had lost all of her family or so she thought. One little notification forever changed her life, but was it for the best? Will she be able to make a new life for herself?

This story had secrets galore and was a tangled web.

Hannah has experienced a lot in her young life. Given her experiences her fears are normal and felt real. She didn’t feel like she belonged anywhere. She was always seen as the outcast no matter where she was living.

Wyatt, I still don’t know how I feel about him. I honestly couldn’t connect with him as a character and there was something about him that just always felt off to me. Though, I did love what he did for Hannah at the end, it was super sweet and touching. His love for Ivy was also another thing about him I did enjoy. He was the protective and loving big brother and would do ANYTHING for his baby sister.

Hannah and Wyatt together had chemistry and their relationship had a SLOW start. Of course, Wyatt wasn’t sure if he she get involved his Hannah knowing what he knew about her past and the things that he was keeping from her.

I LOVED Ivy, Paige and Eleanor and honestly would just love to spend time with them. They seemed so real and genuine compared to several other of the secondary characters. They really made the story for me and added so much for me.

Jillian painted such a vivid picture of the town, of Lucas’s house and pretty much every scene. It was so easy to visual the entire town of Hermosa Beach and feel like you were right there in the story.

Overall, this story was enjoyable and is a great summer read!


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