I’m the darling of Australian TV. A good-girl actress with a spotless record. Or at least, that’s what I let the public believe. But what I do behind closed doors would shock them all. I’m a far cry from the girl next door I play on their screens each night. 

Riley Clarke knows that better than anyone. 

I loved him once, but for the past ten years, all we’ve done is f**k and fight. Some might say we’re friends with benefits, but the truth is, we aren’t even friends. All we are is explosive chemistry and screw-you-senseless sex. He makes me hot. He makes me feel. He makes me reckless. 

When scandal rocks my carefully constructed world and my secrets are exposed, it’s Riley’s arms that close around me, protecting me from the storm. 

But storms create floods, and a flood can drown you. You and the people you love.

Best thing about a ten-year fuck buddy? His ability to get me off quicker than I ever could. Down and dirty in the back seat of a car? No problem.


I have been looking forward to Riley and Bianca’s story for a while and this DID NOT disappoint. It was everything I could have asked for and more.

Riley and Bianca dated once in their twenties, but when someone from Riley’s past came back into his life their relationship change and they went from dating to more of enemies with benefits. They saw each other frequently, due to their mutual friends, but it usually ending up in them fighting with one another.

There is no denying that Riley and Bianca have INSANE chemistry together. They are truly meant to be together, but their past and their history is holding them, mostly Bianca. Riley will do anything to protect Bianca, the girl he never stopped loving. Their story is a wild ride and it was a ride I never wanted to end. I loved their story from the very first word to the very last word.


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