REVIEW : One Indecent Night by A.M. Hargrove

The day I saw Sylvie West standing next to the bride, 
something moved in me I was certain had died.
I’d known her since she was a pain-in-the-rear kid, but she was my best friend’s cousin, and off limits. 
He also told me he’d strangle me if I ever laid a hand on her.
When she downed tequila like water at the reception, and then danced on the table, all bets were off.
She was my kind of woman, and forbidden or not, I was going to make her mine. 
Only when morning broke, I woke up to a different Sylvie—one who didn’t remember a single thing about the passion-filled night we’d shared.
Now, I had to prove I was the one who was meant for her.
After she put up one obstacle after another, the time had come to pull every trick out of my hat.
And Sylvie had no idea I was one tricky bastard.
But the last thing I expected was for her to turn the tables and play the last trick on me.

Love is more than a four letter word. Sometimes it can slay you, crush you, destroy you. But it’s also showing, doing, caring, overcoming our mistakes, and creating something monumental between us that no one can tear apart.


I absolutely loved this story and I am completely in love with the entire West family! This story starts off with a bang. I was laughing picturing drunk Sylvie and her crazy antics and the things she was doing to Evan. Absolutely hilarious. Besides the laughs, I also shed a few, okay a lot, of tears while reading this story.

Evan is best friends with Pearson West, you can read his story in From Smoke to Flames. You also get an introduction to Sylvie in that story. Though One Indecent Night can be read as a complete standalone. Him and Sylvie meet at the wedding of Pearson and Rose, though they have known each other forever.

Their chemistry was perfect, though their story was full of some many ups and downs when it came to their relationship. Evan was instantly attracted to Sylvie and knew that there was something different about her, someone that allowed him to let his walls down. Sylvie really wanted nothing to do with Evan, but his persistency paid off in the end and slowly started to win her over.

The banter between Evan and Sylvie is fantastic. I loved Sylvie when she was first introduced in Pearson’s book and fell in love with her even more in this story. She is a fantastic character. Evan, that man is hardcore swoon worthy. He’s gorgeous, adventurous, loving, caring, and super sweet. Though I seriously wanted to slap the man at a certain point in the story (you’ll figure out where if you’ve read it) but his reaction also makes complete sense given his past.

If you’ve read the West Brother’s series they brothers and their wives make appearances and it is fun to see more of those characters again. I love Sylvie’s sisters, Piper and Reynolds, and I can’t wait for more of the West sisters.

This book is funny, emotional, sweet and steamy. I can already tell I’ll love the West Sister’s as much as I loved the West Brothers.


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