REVIEW : My Heart by A.J. Wolf


My husband shattered my heart. Squeezed it in his fist until it burst under the pressure, then wiped my tears away with his bloody hands, whispering sweet nothings against my lips. Yet he is what my heart so desperately wants, will happily take slice after slice for even as thoughts of his betrayal pick at the edges of my soul. After three long months he’s decided it’s time for me to come home, sucking me back into the black void that is him. I’m just a pawn in this bloody business and not even my big bad husband can keep me from it’s clutches.

Make no mistake Cuore Mio, you are mine. You are my first thought of the day and the last at night. You are my only passion and my most beloved treasure. You are my wife and you are my heart.

my reivew

This the first book I’ve read from A.J. Wolf and I know it won’t be my last. My Heart completely sucked me in. This book revolves around Beverly and Remy, who are already married. However, Remy does something that completely shatters Bev’s heart. Will she be able to forgive him for what he has done?

My Heart is a mafia romance. You’ll get sucked into this world completely. I absolutely loved Bev and Remy as a couple. They had so much chemistry and despite Remy being the Capofamiglia the man had a sweet side a mile long when it came to his wife. I loved that Bev wasn’t just some weak little mafia wife. She is a fighter, she can hold her own and that was proven several times throughout this story. She isn’t afraid of the mafia life.

The secondary characters in this story are also fantastic and there were plenty of glimpses into them and their lives for future books. This story packed in the suspense, the heat and a few laughs. I can’t wait to see more of all these characters!

A MUST READ mafia romance!

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