REVIEW : My Ex-Boyfriend’s Daddy by Kelli Callahan


I used to call him Daddy as a joke…

Arlo was my ex-boyfriend’s father and my boss.
He was my rock when everyone else abandoned me.
But I still wasn’t strong enough to stay.
I thought running away was the right thing to do.

Three years later, a twist of fate brought us back together.

It started out as innocent flirting.
Then it changed from innocent, to giving him my innocence.
But nobody can find out what we did.
Especially his son.
It would ruin their already rocky relationship.

Just because I call him Daddy for another reason now doesn’t mean he will choose me.

And if he did, am I ready to face everything I ran from?

I hope we are all able to find what we are looking for one day—even if I have no idea what that is right now.


One-night changes everything for Phoebe. She thought she was taking a random quiz with some “friends” but those results quickly spread throughout her high school. She was humiliated, her boyfriend was disgusted by her and things forever changed. She leaves school, flees the town she grew up in and leaves her family behind. Flash forward three years and her past is mixing with her present when she runs into her ex boyfriends father and her former boss.

I felt horrible for Phoebe for what happened to her and she has had to work hard to survive on her own but she does is living and able to take care of herself. Her ex-boyfriend, Jake, was very religious, he had a chip on his shoulder and that affected all of his relationships. Arlo was always on team Phoebe, especially after what happened between her and his son, she was his former employee and knew how hard she worked even from her teen years.

These two reconnected quickly and formed an easy friendship, but the more time they spent together the more feelings began to develop. Eventually everything came to a head and from that moment on they couldn’t get enough of each other.

I was not a fan of Jake from the start, he was cold and disrespectful to Phoebe and his father. They showed him love and were there for him, but he just didn’t seem to care. However, he does slightly redeem himself and I liked him by the end. Phoebe and Arlo, despite the age gap, seemed to have a much better connection than Phoebe and Jake did. There is pretty much no drama when they confessed their relationship and I was kind of bummed about that, I wanted Jake to react a little more.

There was a slow build up to Phoebe and Arlo’s relationship but once they finally gave into their chemistry it was non stop steam. Phoebe’s use of the word Daddy did get a little excessive over times, though.

Overall, this book was enjoyable but at times felt a little too over the top. But if you’re looking for a forbidden, age gap romance with some steam this one is for you.


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