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REVIEW : Mr. October by Nicole Goodin


Masen Lennox.
Music superstar.
Recovering alcoholic.
… And in need of a fake girlfriend.

Billie Tatum.
Sweet as sugar.
Unexpectedly sexy.
… And under his skin.

Masen’s reputation as music’s bad boy finds him on the verge of losing his entire career, and the best way to clean up his act is to get a woman on his arm.
Billie has no idea what she’s in for when she agrees to play the part of Masen’s girlfriend, but as lines between real and fake start to blur, she’s about to find out.

Masen doesn’t believe in love.
Billie can’t help but hold onto hope.

The last thing Masen wants to do is break Billie’s heart, will he put aside his past and let her in? Or will she only get to keep playing pretend?

If alcohol is my addiction, this girl is my kryptonite.


I’m pretty sure I’ve said this every single month, but this series just gets better and better. Though, I do believe that Masen Lennox is going to be hard to beat. Who doesn’t love a troubled, sexy, Rockstar?

Masen is fresh out of rehab and needs to change is image, so why not have a fake girlfriend. Enter Billie. An intern at the record company and the woman who caught Masen’s attention. However, the more time they spend together the more the feelings start to feel real, will Billie come out of this safely or will Masen’s walls be her downfall?

Masen is the bad boy Rockstar. He has so many walls up. He doesn’t really let people in, well other than his best friend Josh. He is guarded. Billie is a student, she is sweet, but there is something about Masen that is addicting. The two of them together, HOLY CHEMISTRY. It was fantastic. Their road wasn’t easy, it was painful and emotional, but 100% worth the wait in the end.

Side note: I LOVED Josh and Avery, Billie’s best friend, and I am crossing my fingers they get a story because I would love to see more of them.

This book is a MUST READ!