REVIEW : Mr. November by Nicole Goodin


Rhett Jensen.
Handsome stranger.
Hero lifeguard.
… And nursing a broken heart.

Libby Reed.
Honey haired beauty.
… And harbouring a secret.

When Rhett saves a woman from the sea, he never expects her to invade his every thought from that moment on.
When Libby and Rhett are thrown together a second time, Libby can’t deny that she’s intoxicated by the gorgeous man who saved her life, but no matter how hard he tries, she still doesn’t know how to trust.

Rhett wants Libby to let him in.
Libby wants to keep her past in the past.

Can Libby look forward to a future with Rhett when all she’s ever done is look back over her shoulder? 

Who needs romance books when you’ve got a boyfriend as sweet as mine?

my review

I say this every single month but each month gets better and better. A hero lifeguard and a book lover with a secret, what isn’t there to love?

It was a normal day on the job for Rhett, until he rescued Libby. He was stunned by this woman, he never expected to see her again, but he couldn’t stop thinking about her. Libby was trying to blend in. She didn’t want to stand out, but things changed when she was rescued by Rhett.

I loved Rhett and Libby. The instant attraction between the two of them was sizzling. Rhett was sweet when it came to Libby, even though he knew there was something she was hiding. Libby was guarded and she had every reason to be, but I love that she eventually started wanting to live her life and opened up Rhett.

This book was steamy, suspenseful and a wonderful read from the very first word to the last.

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