REVIEW : Mr. July by Nicole Goodin

Hudson Scott.
Nicknamed ‘The Horror’.
Champion MMA fighter.
… And caught up in an off-limits woman.

Ramsey Ashton.
Queasy around blood.
Pink haired beauty.
… And crushing on her brother’s best friend.

Hudson’s head has always been firmly inside the cage, until he sets eyes on the woman he’s sworn not to touch.
Ramsey has never been interested in the fight scene, but when she meets Hudson, she finds herself inexplicably drawn into his world.

Hudson wants what he can’t have.
Ramsey wants to protect her heart.

With everything up against them, will this be one fight that Hudson isn’t strong enough to win? 

This girl is off limits. End of fucking story – and the sooner I figure that out, the better.


I loved Hudson and Ramsey. I completely devoured this book in one sitting, I couldn’t put it down.

Hudson always has his focus on his match and his opponent, that is until a pink haired beauty grabs his attention. He wants to know who this girl is, he wants to see her again. The girl? Well, she just happens to be his best friends little sister and completely off limits.

Hudson and Ramsey had instant chemistry, they were both completely drawn to each other from the very beginning, even though they both knew that she shouldn’t cross the line into something more. I loved the friendship that they had developed throughout the story, but when they finally gave in to each other it was HOT.

This was steamy (in multiple ways), it was sweet, there was some witty banter and overall just a fun best friends little sister sports romance.

With each month this series gets better and better and I love each book more and more. These are the perfect reads for any time of year.


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