REVIEW : Mr. December by Nicole Goodin


Lukah Andrews.
Sexy stripper.
Hater of his father.
… And trouble with a capital ‘T’.

Margot Lowell.
No nonsense kind of girl.
Sassy mouthed.
… And his new stepsister.

A drunk, half-naked Santa isn’t quite what Margot expected when she imagined meeting her brand-new stepbrother, but if there’s one thing Lukah knows how to do, it’s put on a show.
Their mutual attraction is instant, undeniable and most importantly, forbidden, yet breaking the rules has never felt this good.

Lukah wants a repeat performance.
Margot isn’t buying what he’s selling.

With nowhere to hide, and sparks flying between them, will Lukah convince Margot to give in to temptation and admit that once was never going to be enough? 

I don’t even like the guy. He’s cocky and conceited, arrogant and stubborn, but my god he’s gorgeous. He’s the kind of guy you can’t decide if you want to punch or screw…

my review

Looking for something packed full of heat to warm you up this Holiday season? I’d HIGHLY RECOMMEND picking up Mr. December. Lukah and Margot’s story will bring the heat, the romance and all the feels. The best was definitely saved for last when it comes to the Calendar series.

Lukah comes across as a playboy, a jerk, not a care in the world, but in reality there is so much more to him that his hidden beneath his many layers. Margot was quick to judge, but the more time they spend together she begins to see a different side to him. I loved their chemistry from the start. It was EXPLOSIVE! They, well mostly Margot, tried to fight it, but once she just gives in all bets are off.

My only complaint is that I wish this book was longer, I wanted more of Lukah and Margot. I completely devoured this book. I loved Lukah and Margot’s best friends and I want to know about them, about their story, so I hope maybe there is more of this world and these characters in the future.

This book is a MUST READ if you’re looking for a great book to heat you up this December.

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