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REVIEW : Man Find by Krista Sandor

An anonymous chat forum. 

Two lonely people. 

And the summer everything changed.

Camden Bergen is Colorado royalty. An heir to the Bergen Mountain Sports empire, he could have the world at his fingertips. Instead, he’s shouldering the pain of his past, across the ocean, hidden away from everyone but his anonymous online friend known to him only as Mountain Daisy. 

But that’s about to change.

Cadence Lowry doesn’t have time for distractions. Between teaching full time, raising her young son, and renovating two historic homes, her only escape is corresponding with her chat forum friend, Mountain Mac. 

Love isn’t on her radar until Camden mysteriously returns to Denver after a decade long absence and moves in next door. 

It’s only for the summer, but things don’t stay neighborly for long. 

Surrendering to an attraction they can’t deny, they agree to a no strings attached steamy summer fling. 

But when their hidden identities are revealed, will it be too late to salvage a love always meant to be?

If charming is a barely verbal guy who could give Big Foot a run for his money, then yes, he’s all sorts of charming.


Trying to decide which Bergen Brother is your favorite is like trying to decide who your favorite child is, your favorite sibling or your favorite niece and nephew. You just can’t choose. I love Bren, I love Jasper, but there was just something about the mystery and the lack of information about Camden that made me know I would love him. Krista does not disappoint with Man Find. Camden and Cadence’s story is addictingly beautiful from the very first page.

An online forum led Mountain Mac to go on a mission back to Colorado, back to the place he ran from a decade ago, because he knew he needed to find his Mountain Daisy. But will the pain of being back in the one place where his entire world changed be too much for this Mountain Mac to be the man his Mountain Daisy deserves?

This book had me laughing (hello, squirrels), it had me swooning and it had me in tears. It was beautifully written and just a beautiful story about second chances. The chemistry between Camden and Cadence was effortless and so real. The bond between Camden and Bodhi was fantastic. I seriously, love Bodhi and his sweetness.

Of course, there is plenty of the whole Bergen crew we have all grown to know and love. And maybe a little surprise visit from a certain strudel.  

If you haven’t met the Bergen Brother’s now is the chance. This book and this series are MUST READS!