REVIEW: Man Fast by Krista Sandor


Denver’s biggest playboy is about to get schooled.


Rich, powerful, and a former pro skier—nothing and no woman is off-limits to Brennen Bergen. Part of the billion-dollar Bergen mountain sports family, he’s reigned supreme over the Denver social scene with his playboy antics. 

But that’s about to change when he meets Abby Quinn and gets schooled on the MAN FAST.


After a disastrous breakup, Abby Quinn has sworn off men.

No dating. No boyfriends. 

A complete Man Fast.

She’s starting over in Denver and landed a teaching position at a prestigious elementary school. It’s a temporary post, but if she does a good job, the position could be permanent. 

Too bad Brennen Bergen has just thrown a wrench into her plans.

Forced to shape up or be cut out of his family’s fortune, Brennen must prove he’s a contributing member of the community by volunteering at his former elementary school—Abby’s new school—and the place where he can’t hide behind his bad boy ways to numb the pain he’s carried for over a decade.

Will an attraction between them spell trouble for Abby or will Brennen finally have met his match?

Abs, you can’t be with a guy who doesn’t know the different between the possessive your and you are. As your cousin and as a writer, I just won’t allow it. I’ve got to burn it. Are you ready?


I have been waiting to read this book forever! I love Krista’s writing and Man Fast made me love it even more. I instantly fell in love with this book the moment I started.

Abby Quinn has had it with men, so she goes on a 74 day Man Fast. Of course, the moment she starts she meets a rather tempting man, Brennen Bergen. Abby is such a loveable and relatable character. She had some sass to her and she really wants to do everything for herself and she wants to find out who she is.

Brennen is a playboy. He’s all over the internet. However, there is much more to the man than what the public knows. Despite his playboy ways, you can’t help but love the man. Especially, with how hard he works to prove himself to Abby. Seriously, I was swooning so hard when it came to a certain non-date, who wouldn’t want to experience that!?!

I LOVED their relationship. I loved how sweet Bren was with Abby and her students. This book was full of sweet moments, but also there was plenty of steamy moments between Abby and Brennen.

I’m completely HOOKED on this series just after one book! I can’t wait to see what is in store for the rest of the Bergen brothers.


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