I thought he was abducting me for dark pleasures. Instead, he cooked me breakfast.

I don’t get tangled up with men. I love them and leave them. Always have. I’m a drifter, traveling without any real destination in mind. Until my van gets stuck and a stern, strong cowboy literally puts me over his shoulder. 
Settling down is starting to look like a good option. But I don’t know how to stop running from my past.

Harper’s like a wild rabbit; running, always running, and I want to catch her and show her she doesn’t need to run no more. 
I thought I could change her. 
Only, now she’s gone. 
Can a wild thing ever stop and settle down?

I couldn’t be furious at a hot man who cooked me breakfast when I hadn’t even slept with him.


Harper is running until she finds herself at Lemon Tree Ranch and sexy cowboy Barrett is making her stay. Despite a life of running, will he be the man who changes her and makes her stay?

Barrett is man looking to settle when the blonde-haired Harper comes into his life and she is the exact opposite of him. Their chemistry is instant and it is EXPLOSIVE. This was a quick and steamy read, definitely worth it if you are a fan of cowboy romances. It is the second book in the Arizona Heat series and I definitely enjoyed this story more than the first.

Of course, it wasn’t all full of hot and steamy moments. It was sweet and it was slightly emotional, in particular one part that I’m not going to share, but if you’ve read it you can probably guess what I’m talking about.

I enjoyed this story and I can’t wait for the next one!!


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