REVIEW : Love Will Save Your Soul by Katrina Marie

She never saw him coming. 

After walking away from an abusive relationship, Sophia was determined to create a new, better, life for herself. Swearing off guys seemed like an easy task, until she started working at Life in Ink…

Adrian is done with relationships. When his fiance left him for the “picture perfect” life, he decided then and there, he wasn’t going to give his heart to another woman. That is, until the tattoo shop he works at hires a receptionist. 

Sophia and Adrian can’t deny the chemistry between them. But when a threat from Sophia’s past comes knocking on her door, everything begins falling apart.

Can two people push through their insecurities and let love save them from themselves?

If I would have known how stressful being an adult was going to be, I never would have signed up for it.


I have been waiting for Sophia and Adrian’s story. You could feel there was something between them in the previous stories and I just wanted more. This did not disappoint, though I am sad that this series is over.

Sophia is starting over after leaving an abusive relationship. She needed to start over and when she lands a job at Life in Ink she finally is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. She isn’t looking for a relationship, she isn’t looking to date but Adrian just worms his way into her life slowly. Adrian is also recovering from the ending of a serious relationship but there is something about Sophia that is drawing him towards her.

I loved reading about their relationship, I loved watching it form and grow. Their chemistry is undeniable. Adrian is instantly protective over Sophia, even before he learns about her past relationship. I loved that about him.

This story had some drama, it was sweet, it was hot, and it had it’s funny moments. It can be read as a standalone, but it is so much more enjoyable when you read the entire Taking Chances series and get to know some of the other characters.

This was the perfect story to end the series on, but like I mentioned previously I am so sad it is over and to say goodbye to all these characters.


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