REVIEW : Lie for Me by VR Baucke


Dylan & Travis.
Goat & Freak.
Bold, headstrong, and a chameleon hiding in plain sight.
Charismatic, cocky, and single to mingle.
Together, they fall hard for the person behind the mask.

The day Dylan Jackson showed up out of the blue was the day Travis O’Brian became a ruined man.
She’s a hot piece of woman who’s easy to get a rise out of, and Trav’s innuendo-laced goading has Dylan uncharacteristically flustered.
Regardless of how irresistible Travis is, Dylan can’t allow herself to succumb to his flirtatious antics and boyish charm; she’s on borrowed time, and falling for him would cost her dearly.
Her heart and mind are continually at war; by day, aching for normality, then by night, shattering from the haunting screams she can’t escape from.
Just when Trav discovers why he’s so captivated by her, an unexpected visitor has Dylan running scared once more.
After she disappears with neither trace nor explanation, the crew reluctantly calls in an old acquaintance to help track her down.
But will Trav still want the girl behind the façade when he finds out who she really is?

“Buckle up Buttercup. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

my review

Trav quickly moved into my second favorite member of the NSC, sorry not sorry Mace will always be my #1. I loved every single moment of this book, I couldn’t put it down.

Trav is the partier, the joker of the crew. He likes to have is fun. When he meets a skeleton while out celebrating, there is an instant attraction and this leads to one of the best nights of his life, however, he never see’s the girl again. Doesn’t know what she looks like or what her name is. Dylan Jackson just wants to blend in. She wants to live her life without fear and wants to be herself. When she starts working at the same shop as Trav there is an instant connection between the two of them. Trav may have met his match when it comes to Dylan but will they be able to make it through the secrets and lies?

I LOVED Dylan. She is sassy, snarky and not afraid to put Trav in his place when he needs it. She is a strong woman, despite being threatened. I loved Trav’s determination when it came to pursuing Dylan was great. He was intrigued by her and couldn’t stay away. I loved how easily and seamlessly Dylan fit in the with the crew. She is definitely a great fit with the bunch.

Lie for Me is full of suspense, angst, friendship, love and the craziness I’ve come to expect from the entire NSC. A MUST READ BOOK!

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