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REVIEW : Liar by Fiona Cole


He was my uncle’s friend, and I was too young for him.

But in the heat of the moment, against the wall in a darkened hallway of an illicit club, none of those things mattered. It was just one night of giving in to what we both wanted.

I never expected to see him two years later, sitting across me during a family dinner, encouraging me to do my internship for his business.

On day one we both agree that repeating that night would be a mistake. But it’s a mistake we can’t help but make again and again.

The rules are simple. We can’t tell my uncle. We have to be content with our hotel rendezvous. And we won’t fall in love.

But we both know we’re liars.

I was Olivia Witt. I didn’t do jealous. I didn’t care enough. I fucked who I wanted, when I wanted, and didn’t chase anyone.


When it comes to the Voyeur Universe I am OBSESSED and LIAR is nothing short of fantastic. I DEVOURED this book. Olivia and Kent’s story is beautifully addicting.

Liar can be read as a standalone, however, I HIGHLY recommend to read the previous books in the series because they will provide some secondary characters back story, plus they are amazing. If you’ve read Voyeur you know Olivia is Oaklyn’s best friend and Kent is Daniel’s business partner.

Olivia and Kent had an unforgettable one-night stand years ago and once again they come face to face in a rather unexpected setting. In need of an internship for college, Olivia starts working for Kent. Let the teasing and tension ensue!

Olivia and Kent’s chemistry is nothing short of kindle exploding HOT! These two are drawn to each other like moths to a flame. They know they shouldn’t, but you can only ignore attraction like theirs for so long. Their story isn’t just about the steam, there is a deep connection between these two that is truly beautiful. They drive each other, they motivate each other, even despite the age gap.

If forbidden age gap romances are your thing or you are in love with the Voyeur universe Liar is a MUST READ!

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