Alister Bennet
Loyal, reliable… predictable even, I’ve always done what’s expected of me. Stay out of trouble, get my teaching degree and build a respectable career as a college professor. The job comes with a long list of rules and at the top of that list is no fraternizing with students. Following the rules seemed easy enough, until a dark, tortured boy sat outside my office waiting for me. His voice told me it was his grade he was worried about, but the deep onyx pools of his eyes told me more as they shook the solid ground I’d always stood on. 

Am I willing to risk my career, my carefully built reputation, to help one so filled with pain I can taste it?

Benjamin Wallace
Rejected, abused, and abandoned my entire life, all I’ve ever wanted was to be accepted, loved even. I thought going to college on a scholarship would be my ticket out of hell, but nothing good ever comes without a price. As graduation nears I find myself drawn to the mysterious professor like a moth to a flame. Just one meeting with the man that has been starring in my dreams has my soul screaming for him to hold me, comfort me. A relationship isn’t just frowned upon, it’s forbidden, but the heart doesn’t always know the difference. 

Can I trust my mangled heart in his perfect life when my past repeats itself or will he destroy what is left of me? 

Telling my best friend turned ex-girlfriend about my male math teacher I want to have sex with. Nope, this is not weird.


I love a great forbidden romance and Learning Curve is definitely now on the top of that list for me. This story was so much more than a forbidden student/teacher romance. It was emotional, it was sweet, it was steamy.

Alistar is a college professor at a university in Seattle. He is caring, he is loving, he is hot and he keeps his personal life to himself. Ben is a shell, he is broken and abused, he is working hard at trying to just finish college.

When Ben walks into Alistar’s life he knows there is something different, something special about him, he is someone that he needs to help and to protect from whatever it is that haunts him. Ben’s story absolutely broke me. The things that he had to endure throughout his childhood were gut wrenching. I wanted to just reach out and hug him and never let go.

If you’re looking for an emotional M/M forbidden romance this is one that should be at the top of your list. It is a heartbreakingly beautiful story that will leave you feeling all sorts of emotions.


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