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REVIEW : Last Round by Nicole Rodrigues

I’m Alessandra Thompson and I made a mistake. One stupid mistake that snowballed into six terrible years of my life I can never get back. The only shining moment is my two year old son, Peter. After crazy circumstances, I got a second chance, moving Peter and I away from the destruction in Florida to a small town in Louisiana. I know my past won’t stay there but when it comes for me this time, I’ll be ready. What I wasn’t ready for was Miguel Jameson. His kindness for letting Peter and I stay with him, keep us safe while the chaos settles, restarts my cold heart. The dangers outside can’t touch me when we’re in Miguel’s care, but what about the dangers inside? The predatory look in those captivating green eyes might be my biggest downfall of all.

New house guests? Fine. Keeping them safe? Not a big deal. Keeping my hands off Alessandra Thompson? Fucking miserable. I’m incapable of giving my heart to anyone, especially a woman as broken as her. We’ll destroy each other before we even get off the ground. When she starts to develop a strut to her walk, her back straight, her head held high, her eyes, the baby blue shining with a newfound determination, I can’t stop it. She’s getting stronger every day and I’m getting weaker. She’s got me on my knees and I don’t plan on getting up…ever.

We’re both broken, pasts that have threatened to derail a future. We can build each other up though, make a new puzzle with both of our broken pieces. Something so beautiful from something so broken. Together.


I am SO SO HAPPY that Miguel and Alessandra got a story! If you’ve read the previous books you already have some background on Miguel and Alessandra, you know a little bit of their pasts.

I loved their story and compared to the others in the series theirs was a SLOW SLOW burn but so worth the wait. Their story was EXPLOSIVE once they finally gave into their chemistry.

Alessandra has a rough life, but she will do anything for her son. She is strong single momma. I loved the bond she made with Charlotte, and the bond she made with Gabriel. They pretty much become the parents that she never had.

This story was drama filled, and I may have wanted to slap Miguel upside the head at one point. He seriously made me want to through my kindle across the room I was so mad.

Last Round is steamy, it is drama filled, it is sweet, it is funny and it is everything we have come to love of the Gavinwood/Turner/Jameson/Johnson crew.

This story was the perfect ending to the Double Play series and I felt like we got the closure that was deserved for not only Miguel and Alessandra but EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER in this series.