REVIEW : Instant Gratification by Lauren Blakely

I need a fake date. She needs my late-night expertise. Now, if we can just keep our hands off each other…

As the premier best-man-for hire in all of Manhattan, I promise discretion, so when I need a plus one for a couple of “I dos,” I turn to my gorgeous, clever, witty best friend’s sister. She’s my good friend, too, and I lust after her completely. I mean, I TRUST her completely.

After all, just look how she’s kept her lips sealed about the hot, multi-O night we spent together. Yes, just look at those sexy lips.

In any case, we only fell off the wagon once, and it was months ago. I’m sure we can make it through these weddings without banging each other in the limo. 

Or can we?

I don’t want to be in the friend zone. I want to be in her zone.


Instant Gratification is a laugh out loud, steamy, sweet best friends to lovers/best friends little sister romance. I loved every single moment of this book.

Jason and Truly were first introduced in Satisfaction Guaranteed. Jason is Malone’s best friend and Truly is Malone’s twin sister. Though Instant Gratification can be read as a complete standalone.

I loved the chemistry and the banter between Jason and Truly. You could feel the chemistry radiating off them, but after one night months ago, they decided that it was better to stay in the friends zone. There was a build up to their relationship and once it finally came to a head it was EXPLOSIVE!!

I loved Truly. I loved how driven she was when it came to her career. She was always looking for how to improve her business, how to expand, how to create new drinks. You could feel the passion and the love she had for it. Her friendship with Charlotte was amazing, plus I loved seeing previous characters pop up again. The sibling bond between Truly and Malone is one of my favorites. They had me cracking up a few times.

This was another fantastic book from Lauren Blakely and I can’t wait for the rest of the books in this series!


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