REVIEW : Hired Fiancee by Betty Maxine


As the months go by, Betty Blanc is no closer to achieving her aim of restoring the reputation of the business her father so easily ruined. Her career as a lawyer is just getting started but in the worst way possible. She has not yet made a name for herself and the stepping stone she had hoped to use was embroiled in the biggest scandal possible. It’s so obvious she needs a miracle if she’s ever going to survive.
Day after day, she is met with rejections and her frustration mounts. Nothing seems to be working. Is her life going to be one of perpetual rejection and failure? Is she ever going to be free of her father’s faux pas?
Doom seems to be the only reception awaiting her until she gets a mind-blowing offer – a retainership with the famous Ryder Williams in exchange for a fake engagement. Is this the long-awaited miracle?
Ryder Williams offers her his businesses in exchange for a fake engagement, why would she say no?

“I’m going to hire someone to pretend to be my fiancee – a lady that will be believable. She is going to be funny, smart, beautiful, and, most of all, someone who won’t fall in love with me.”

my review

This is the first book I’ve read from Betty Maxine and I love a good marriage of convenience romance. This one checked a lot of boxes for me and it was a super enjoyable and fairly quick read.

I love the banter between Betty and Ryder from the very start. These two are definitely great at keeping each other on their toes. They both enjoy the challenge and challenging each other. The chemistry between them felt like a little bit of a slow build to me, but I still enjoyed it and watching their relationship grow throughout.

There were struggles on both sides and I loved being able to see that. It wasn’t just masked by happiness and unicorns. It made the story feel more real. This story was sweet and the ending really surprised me. I didn’t want it to end, I wanted more of the story and more of these characters.

This was a fantastic story and I can’t wait to read more from Betty Maxine in the future.

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