Abbie swore that she was done with rich, powerful men. They’ve hurt her. They’ve hurt her mother, who she will do anything to protect. She’s done playing the submissive. She’s ready to fight back. 

The problem is that Gabe Maxwell is one of those rich, powerful men and he refuses to be ignored. He’s in her path and she can’t seem to steer clear of him. He wants her. She wants him. But it’s not that simple. 

There is more to her story, more than Gabe knows, but then, there is more to Gabe’s story than Abbie knows, too.

Her submission. Her trust. Her. I just fucking want her. I fucking love her though I won’t admit that, not now.


Her Submission is the conclusion to Gabe and Abbie’s story and picks out where we left them in His Demand. You NEED to read book one before reading this one to get the full story. This is not a standalone.

There is no shortage of suspense, drama and HOT scenes throughout this book. Gabe and Abbie’s relationship continues to form and grow, though they are still keeping secrets from one another that is holding them back.

Gabe and Abbie’s story had me hooked from the very beginning. I’ve been dying to know their secrets since the beginning and when Gabe FINALLY confused about KM I was SHOCKED, it wasn’t what I expected at all. Their story was a rollercoaster and despite the millions of questions I had they were all answered and I loved how the story turned out.

The sweet, serial killer of a dog Dexter absolutely stole my heart though. I loved him and everything he truly added to the story. He was such a significant part of Gabe and Abbie’s relationship and I LOVE that there was so much of him throughout this story. You could feel the love Gabe and Abbie had for him and that he was truly a child to them.

This is another FANTASTIC duet from Lisa Renee Jones and one that I would highly recommend to anyone and everyone.


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