The words “For Lila, forever” adorned the front of the envelope in blue ink, the handwriting all too familiar. But it didn’t matter what it said. I didn’t have the heart to open it.

We couldn’t be together. 

Not after everything …

Leaving Rose Crossing, Maine was one of the most painful moments of my life—or at least it was until the day I came face-to-face with Thayer Ainsworth again. 

After a decade of searching, he’s found me, and he wants to know why I quit my housemaid job and left his family’s island estate without so much as a goodbye. But I’m bound by a devastating secret much bigger than the two of us, and telling him the truth has consequences.

Looking into the eyes of the only man I’ve ever loved, I tell him the only thing I’m allowed to: never contact me again. And when he’s gone, I sit down and finally open his letter. 

Only it isn’t a letter at all. 

And it changes everything.

“I see a strong woman who has held herself together with a string and a paperclip, survived insurmountable loss, spread herself thin as the glue of her family, and raised a beautiful, thriving child on top of it all. If that doesn’t make you the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, I don’t know what does.”


This book will have you believing in love, it will be having you believe in second chances and it will teach you to never give up on love.

I fell in love with Lila and Thayer’s story from the moment I started it and I kept falling deeper and deeper for these two. This story spans across a ten-year time period and during that time Thayer doesn’t ever once give up on Lila. He so easily could have given up on her, finished his college career and law school, but he never once stopped. He wasn’t going to stop looking, to stop finding the girl that stole his heart at 19 years old.

Lila is strong and at times she didn’t even realize how strong she truly is. After going to live with her grandparents after a tragedy, she meets the ever-persistent Thayer. Of course, that summer with Thayer forever changed her life and the life of her grandparents who took her in. Despite the hardship and struggles she didn’t let that get her down, she worked hard for herself and her family to provide the best life possible. She would do anything in her power to protect her family. Thayer was so much different than I expected. His grandfather came from money and seemed to control the money for the rest of the family. He wasn’t a spoiled, stuck up rich kid like you would assume, but he was a man who stayed true to himself, to his morals. He kept his promises and he followed his heart to get what he truly wants in life. Not to mention, the man is totally swoon worthy!

This story was a beautifully written, second chance romance that was well deserved and full of so much love, hope and promises. This book truly deserves more than 5 stars and is a MUST READ of 2019.


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