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He can never turn back into a prince… 

A troubling revelation puts Blake’s newfound career in jeopardy–and even worse, puts Erin’s impending graduation at risk. He can’t risk her future no matter how much he wants her.

She will never have a happily ever after… 

A dark legacy threatens everything they’ve worked to build. When old debt comes between them, both Blake and Erin must fight to protect each other–and their love.

Since their forbidden beginning, Erin and Blake’s relationship has been marked by deep sensuality and intense emotion. The couple is tested at every turn. They’re running out of time. Blake and Erin will have to trust each other to forge their own sexy ending.

“Don’t cry,” her murmured against her hair. “What was this about? To show me that you want me, that you care. I know that, sweet girl. Don’t you think I know that? You show your heart in every expression, and it’s beautiful to see.”


Falling for the Beast is the continuation of Erin and Blake’s story. You must read Beauty and the Professor first or else you will be jumping into the middle of a story and be missing a lot of important aspects to their story.

I loved the start of their story in book 1, but book 2 BLEW it out of the water. Falling for the Beast was emotional, it was beautiful and it was HOT!

Blake continues to feel that he is too old for Erin, that she shouldn’t be with a man like him. Erin continues to feel like she isn’t enough for Blake, her insecurities continue to get the best of her. Of course, a little visit to Blake’s family doesn’t help Erin, but Blake being the amazing man he is, was there for her.

This was an amazing conclusion and provided the perfect ending to Blake and Erin’s story. This duet was beautifully written, steamy and full of emotion. A MUST READ for anyone who loves a true modern fairytale.