REVIEW : Donut Disturb by Melissa Williams

It was a donut emergency. A dough or die moment.

At least, that’s what I’m telling myself. It would explain why, from the moment Baxter DeCavhalo comes crashing into my kitchen, I’ve been acting out of character.

Why I’m sharing secret donut recipes, licking frosting off fingers that aren’t mine, and falling for the off-limits neighbor. I know better, I need to be focusing on my bakery and my next donut creation…but there’s just something about Bax that keeps me coming back for more.

It’s not the heat of the kitchen that’s getting to me, it’s Bax. And this slow burn is about to combust.

From the moment she’d knocked some sense into him with a frying pan he was done for.


I LOVED every single moment of this book. It was hilariously sweet with a little bit of suspense. You really can’t go run with an adorable donut baker and a sexy detective who have INSANE chemistry.

Melissa Williams is a new to me author and after reading this book I know that I will be reading more of her books in the future.

Cassidy and Bax had one of the best meet cutes, think Tangled and a frying pan. Well, second meeting, the first one was also pretty good, but they really didn’t think they would ever see each other again.  I was dying of laughter the entire time. There was instant chemistry between them and it only continued to grow throughout the story.

Cassidy’s family was hilarious and added even more comedy to this story. Of course, there was also not shortage of steam sprinkled in. Bax’s family was also entertaining, the little bits we got of them. The relationship with his brothers was fantastic.

I loved that there was some suspense mixed in with all the sweet, steamy and laugh out loud moments.

Grab a donut (you’ll want one after all the times they are mentioned) and sit back Donut Disturb is a MUST READ!


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