REVIEW : Divided Interests by Kelly Elliott


One house. Two owners.

Paige Miller has inherited a house in the small town of Johnson City, Texas. She’s elated to be back and has already started making plans to remodel the one-hundred-year-old home exactly how she remembered it as a little girl. There’s only one problem.


The moment Lucas Foster sees the old home sitting on fifty acres of prime land, he has one thing on his mind. Sell it. However, there is one obstacle literally standing in the way of his plan.


Seeing Paige standing in the doorway of his grandfather’s old home instantly brought back the feelings he once had for her. The dream of one day marrying her and raising a family in this very house.

Neither is willing to budge on what they want, and soon they find themselves living together in the old home.

The house uncovers many old and hidden secrets, and Paige quickly discovers that it wasn’t a mistake they both inherited the house. It was fate.

Be there for each other. Stop and listen to your concerns, fears, dreams. And most important of all, follow your heart. It will always lead you home. 


I don’t even know where to begin with this review. I fell in love with this story the moment I started reading it and ended up staying up until 2am finishing it. I couldn’t stop. I was completely sucked into Paige and Lucas’s relationship and their story.

It was supposed to be forever for Paige and Lucas, until one decision changed the course of their lives. Flash forward 9 years, they are forced to talk to each other. They are also roommates and co-owners of a ranch. Being forced together leads to tension and old feelings coming to the surface. There is so much chemistry between the two of them.

Lucas couldn’t keep his foot out of his mouth in the beginning and kept screwing up when it came to Paige, but he redeems himself. Lucas is a swoon worthy book boyfriend that will have you falling head over heels. Paige, despite being heartbroken, has recovered. She is strong and determined.

I LOVED Paige and Lucas. I loved their story. I Loved every single thing about this book. I didn’t expect it to go the way it did and it was beautiful, emotional and add in a small town setting it was perfect. Kelly Elliott NEVER disappoints and Divided Interests is a MUST READ, a TOP READ of 2020 and one of my absolutely favorite books from Kelly.


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