REVIEW : Dirty Sweet Valentine by Laurelin Paige


A hero who forgets Valentine’s Day.
A hero who remembers.
A hero with a Valentine’s surprise.
And a hero with a holiday declaration.

Dirty Filthy Valentine – When Donovan forgets Valentine’s Day, Sabrina spends the evening at the office, working. Until she realizes she’s not alone.

Filthy Valentine Fix – Trish loves parties at The Open Door, even on Valentine’s Day. What she doesn’t love is some of the customs associated with the holiday. Will her boyfriend ignore them like she wants him to? Or will he force her to enjoy the day in ways she never knew she could?

Dirty Sweet Valentine – Like her boss, Amy has a reason for being a Scrooge about love. As far as she’s concerned, that stupid holiday with all the hearts and flowers is just another day. Then a surprise shows up on her doorstep, and her evening takes a sudden turn.

Plus one more story featuring a virgin with a secret and the boy who wants to expose it.

His gift was probably something super erotic. Is he taking you away for a sex weekend? Did he buy a new contraption for your secret sex dungeon?


Dirty Sweet Valentine is the perfect Valentine’s Day collection for anyone who loves Laurelin Paige’s stories. This collection is STEAMY, sweet and pure FIRE. It is a collection of 4 short stories and each of them will have you fanning yourself from the very first page to the very last.

Dirty Filthy Valentine is more Donovan and Sabrina, who are probably one of the top Laurelin Paige couples. Their chemistry continues to explode off the pages even after all these years. Donovan and Sabrina celebrate Valentine’s Day in way that is completely perfect for them.

Filthy Valentine Fix is Nathan and Trish were previously introduced in Dirty Filthy Fix and they are a great crossover of the two different worlds. Their story is romantic in a way that may seem odd to people, but it is so perfect for these two.

Dirty Sweet Valentine are two newer Laurelin Paige characters, though Amelia was a secondary character in the Dirty Sweet Duet. I loved this story and completely fell in love with the little tease we got of Amelia and Harrington. I truly hope there is more of them in future.

Cherry Popper was a super fun and sweet novella. Chase and Kira were two loveable characters and I couldn’t get enough of them.

If you’re looking for a collection of short stories that range from super STEAMY to sweet this is one collection you’ll want to check out.


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