REVIEW : Defiance Falls War by Ali Dean


We pulled the trigger and braced ourselves for the fallout. We were ready for anything. Or so we thought.

War revealed our greatest weaknesses, the ones inside of us that we kept hidden. It forced us to face our vulnerabilities, to overcome the battles within that threatened to hold us prisoner.

Enemies came in all forms, but so did strength. As a united front, we were unstoppable. Our power came from each other, and our greatest weapon was about to be unleashed.

The truth was brutal, and it sure as hell didn’t give me the peace I wanted.

my review

Will Hazel, her father, Cruz and the boys be able to take down the Malone’s. Will there be an end in sight for this long standing battle?

Defiance Falls War picks up right where Revolution ended. This book is just as intense and drama filled as the other two in the series. I was on the edge of my seat throughout this entire story, I felt like so much happened in such a short amount of time and if I blinked I’d miss something.

Hazel and Cruz continue to fight for their relationship and so many things are thrown in their path that could potentially destroy everything for them. The entire group is put to the test. They all have a role in this war and finding an end to it.

Like book 2, this one is also a dual POV and I loved that because there was so much going on for both of them, especially Cruz it helped to see his thought process and know what was going through his mind at times.

This was the perfect conclusion to such a drama filled, suspenseful series. I hope that there are more of theses characters in the future!

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