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REVIEW : Defiance Falls Revolution by Ali Dean


Hazel Ross had no idea what she’d stepped into that night at my 18th birthday party. I’d waited years for the right moment, and there she was, forcing me to show my cards before it was time. Now she wasn’t only a pawn for our enemies, she had a target on her back.

I don’t regret it, even though I should. I could never regret making Hazel mine again. She gave me something real to fight for.

It was too late for her to back out now. She was one of us again. And she was about to find out what that meant.

“We’ve started a revolution, and we’re not backing down.”

my review

Defiance Falls Revolution picks up right where Defiance Falls left off. I didn’t think it was possible to get even more sucked into this story but I was wrong. It wasn’t just the story that I fell more in love with, but with the characters!

Probably the best part of this book was getting Cruz’s point of view, too. The first book was all Hazel, but this one was a duel POV and it added so much to the story and I loved being inside Cruz’s mind.

Some questions are answered, more questions are raised. A revolution was started and no one is ready to give up the battle. I loved the Hazel got some revenge and it was probably one of my favorite scenes! Seriously, those Malone boys DESERVED what they got.

Like book one this book was action packed, suspenseful and a quick read! I can’t wait for the conclusion and to see who comes up on top.

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